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Craft or Scrapbook Room and Space Organization Tour with Tips for Storing Stamps Ink Markers Paper

I'm going to include some videos of my storage and space as well, but for overall pictures of the space please scroll down. Also at the end there are links to some of the organizing products I use.

Here is a tour of my room from August 2016:

Here is a tour of my room from July 2014:

This next video shows how I store my stamp sets. I mostly have clear stamp sets, but I discuss storing rubber cling stamps and unmounted background stamps.

In this video I share how I organize my stamps and dies when I get new products. Updated for 2016:

This next video discusses how I store patterned paper whether it be 6x6, 8x8 or 12x12.

Here's some other pictures of the space:

Craft or Scrapbook Room and Space Organization Tour with Tips for Storing Stamps Ink Markers Paper

I really enjoy getting ideas for organization from others. I am one of those people who loves to organize yet cleaning (i.e. dusting, etc) is not my strong suit. Anyway I hope you enjoy this look around my space.

This tower of cubes holds a wide variety of supplies. I have a whole drawer for alphabets, one for 6x6 pads, one for office supplies, one for extras (extra adhesive, extra blades, etc), one for random embellishments, and one for altered project materials (old packaging I want to repurpose and candy for gifts)

On top of my tower I have a stand for displaying finished scrapbook layouts. I love having a way to enjoy them while they are waiting for albums. The display holds about 20 layouts before I have to move them into albums. I also have a bucket of cards I have received from others and little trinkets I've been given/collected over the years. As you can see I love owls and elephants and they are all over the room.

Next up is my marker storage from an LSS that was going out of business. It's meant for Distress markers but my Distress markers and Copics live happily side by side. Underneath are some color charts and a set of watercolors. You might be noticing the stacks of Vera Bradley cosmetic bags. These primarily hold stamps. I take my stamps out of their plastic sleeves and put them into specially sized zip top bags which you can get from Amazon. I like the zip top bags because it protects the stamps but it is more durable and doesn't rip so easily. Then I place the sets in the Vera Bradley cosmetic bags for easy access and portability.

I also have an Alex drawer unit under my desk. I love this unit. It sits to my left and so I can easily reach down and pull out my supplies. Each drawer is organized so I can find what I'm looking for easily.

These small drawers on top of my desk also hold supplies I reach for often including pre-folded card bases, background stamps, corner rounders, liquid adhesives etc. I also have jars of ribbon, twine, fibers, and washi tape. I love seeing things lined up by color but it also helps me find what I want easily.

These wall mounted shelves allow me to include a few more special items including a picture of me and my grams from when I graduated with my master's degree. She was always my biggest fan. I also have jars of paint, flowers, and chipboard.

I like including some scrapbook pages in my space. I have had these frames for years. I should probably update them but they include good memories with some of my favorite people and my cute kitty, who my cousin adopted when I moved away from home.

Finally when I sit down to work this is what I see. My computer screen is mounted so that it doesn't take up valuable desk surface area. I have a several lights with Ott-Lite bulbs for great lighting. My ribbon board includes a lot of pictures of the people I love, but also some fun odds and ends like a super cool valentine from one of my students and a little elephant key chain a friend got me while in Asia. I have my Sizzix machine right next to me. It make not be the prettiest one, but man do I love that machine. I use it constantly and so there will be no hiding it away. 

Craft or Scrapbook Room and Space Organization Tour with Tips for Storing Stamps Ink Markers Paper

I have some cute owl cups next to my machine for my most used tools. Underneath my desks is a set of two 13 by 13 drawers. They include a lot of fabulous paper from Basic Grey and Sassafras, but also wipes for cleaning, my Inktense pencils, and my die storage.


  1. This is a great !! I love all your owls too - they're my favorite as well!!! I just put a craft room tour up on my blog this week. It's so fun to check out other peoples' crafty spaces!

  2. Great room. Very fun yet functional. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Been checking out your videos, so I had to check out your craft space! Love the Vera Bradley bags!! How fun!

  4. Love your crafty space, thanks for sharing with us,


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