Monday, June 28, 2010

My Cosmo Cricket Filled Weekend

Since I was supposed to be resting after being laid out by the infection in my foot I spent the weekend crafting. I LOVE the new DeLovely collection by Cosmo Cricket. I have been resisting and entering every giveaway imaginable to get it but to no avail. So I finally decided to order some off the internet because for reasons unbeknownst to me my LSS doesn’t carry Cosmo Cricket?! So in anticipation for my new Cosmo Cricket I decided to use up some of my old Cosmo Cricket. The result? A card from each line of Cosmo Cricket that I own (11 lines). I’ve showed you two already for the Moxie Fab challenge however I like looking at my completed personal challenge in all its glory so you get to see it that way too including the repeats. So get ready for a picture heavy post filled with Cosmo Cricket goodness!

Again my very simple card from Joy Ride featuring bicycles and tiny type.

I love how easy the Cogsmo collection makes boy cards!

This is my oldest collection Souvenir. I got it at ACMoore during a make and take event awhile ago. I stuck mostly to the paper, tiny type and cardstock elements but I decided to use up some extra brads for this card. This is actually already in an envelope soon to be on its way across the country.

Here is a simple thanks with the Get Happy line. I decided it needed something a bit more so I added the threaded buttons but the bold paper really speaks for itself.

I sometimes fine it difficult to make cards with Garden Variety because I want to connect the farm elements to the sentiment. As a result I made my own sentiment with the tiny type.

I love this image from Earth Love's cardstock elements. Her pose seems a little like she's wishing for a friend so I thought it would make a beautiful miss you card which I will need with all my friends spreading out a bit after college.

Here again is my card using The Boyfriend. I love that Cosmo Cricket Makes masculine lines although my card is a touch girly still.

Next up is my card using Honey Pie. I needed a few thank yous so I kept the design simple and focused on the sentiment tag.

Here is a card with Hello Sunshine which is in a way labeled. I love the 'I love you' border. I have someone in mind for this card that will appreciate the excessive I love yous featured.

A card from Girl Friday. I used the cover sheet of the collection kit for some of the smaller panels and the border at the bottom of the page was so cute I didn't want to throw it out and used it to add to the sentiment. In the end I guess I didn't use up much of my supply but it feels great to find ways to use what might otherwise be garbage.

Once I used the border of Girl Friday I started reading all the bottoms to see how I could incorporate them in my crafting. So here again with my Material Girl card, I added the border to my sentiment. To the designers of Cosmo Cricket I want to say I appreciate the level of detail that goes into your wonderful pages and how every inch of them is packed with usable cuteness.

I didn't stop playing with my Cosmo Cricket after these cards were done but I'll share more at another time. I love how some bling, flowers, ink and rub-ons were really all I really needed in addition to my Cosmo Cricket stash to make so many cards. Just goes to show you the benefits of having really good product on hand. I can't wait till my package of DeLovely arrives so I can have even more great Cosmo Cricket goodness to play with. Hope my weekend crafting looks as fun as it was.