Sunday, November 29, 2020

6x6 One Sheet Wonder Template featuring Streamside Studios, Mintopia, and Reverse Confetti

Cards from One Sheet Wonder Template #9 by Jess Crafts

Hello crafty friends! Today I am sharing how to use up 6x6 patterned papers without creating any patterned paper scraps. A friend shared that this style of cardmaking can be referred to as a one sheet wonder. I'm not sure who originated the style, as I have seen many crafters refer to it, but please let me know if I should be crediting a specific crafter. Today I am sharing how to cut up a 6x6 piece of paper that will result in 2 of the exact same card. However in order to mix up the patterns because this is single sided paper I am cutting 2 sheets for a total of 4 cards. I am using cardstock to mat the patterned paper pieces which will create some cardstock scraps. In this blog post you can find a template for how to cut your paper as well as a sketch to show what should be done with those cuts. Of course feel free to mix it up to your own liking. 

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Please let me know if you find this helpful and would like to see more. It's a fun challenge and I love working with patterned paper!

Here is Template #9 with measurements:

One Sheet Wonder Template #9 by Jess Crafts

Here is the coordinating sketch for Template #9:

Card Sketch for One Sheet Wonder Template #9 by Jess Crafts

Here is an example card for Template #9:

Card for One Sheet Wonder Template #9 by Jess Crafts


  1. love your one sheet wonder templates. so easy to use.

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