Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tea is Wise Tag Album

So I've recently given up coffee for awhile basically because its kind of a vice/crutch for me even though I never have more than one cup a day. I don't want my DD coffee to be the highlight of my day because I want to focus on the other joyful nonmaterial things in life. So I've found myself sipping on tea when I want a warm drink and on Celestial Seasonings tea there are little quotes at the end of the strings. Well since I like to collection things to repurpose I collected some of these quotes. Then GCD Studios issued a challenge that asked us to reflect in a LO one what we've learned in 2009. But I didn't make a LO, instead I went with a mini album and used the quotes to reflect on last year. It was great to get a lot of journaling out even if there are no pictures.

I used GCD Studios letter stickers and a few of their fantastic journaling tags. Honestly I wish I knew somewhere that carried them where I could just buy a plethora of the tags because I don't want to use up the ones from my collection packs. So this is an album to relax my hoarding ways which is something I learned in 2009. Use what you have, not just scrapping supplies either, because not only is it good for your budget and the earth its good for your guilt. Ever feel bad picking up those few more sheets even though you know you have more paper than you could ever use?, then you know what I mean.

Clinton Kelly, from TLC's What Not to Wear, came to my college, Rutgers, last night! It was very exciting and he is charming and hilarious. He gave a little speech about dressing for work then took a lot of audience questions. My friend Yoli and I (in the pic above) had those hats on the whole time because well I love hats and especially that one which was hand knit for me by bf's mom. Well when someone asked about hats and if they are ever a good accessory, Clinton pointed out our hats as an example of cute hats done right. A fashion compliment from Clinton Kelly, makes me feel pretty good especially because this hat has become my winter staple.


  1. this is really cute Jess! I like the title a lot!

  2. Dear Jesse, Got my RAK today, thank you so much for your generosity, can wait to use them.


  3. Forgot to say, love the tag album, I have quite a bit of quotes from different sources, tea bag, Chinese cookies thanks for the wonderful idea.


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