Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CPS #71

This week I got a little distracted. On Monday I started volunteering at my library. It wasn't terribly exciting the first day but its definitely something to break up the day. After we get back from Florida I plan to see about getting something temporary like possibly babysitting. Anyway I also started a new knitting project after picking up a book from the library. It's going to be a shrug and the pattern is perfect for me. Lots of practice knitting but nothing too complicated. But I did manage to get a card made. I used the CPS #71 which was very fun. My cousin will be swimming with dolphins on her birthday hence the theme of the card. I used a vellum saying on solid background and took another stab and handstitching by trying to make some orange "waves." I love the dolphin which isn't meant for scrapping and is kind of like those foam stickers you see at the crafts stores now. I Also this weekend my new binder scrapbooks arrived and I'm really happy with them. The page protectors I bought at a bargain price work in them and its a simple yet accessible way to store them.