Friday, February 19, 2010

GCD Studios Basket Tutorial

Easter is fast approaching and my mom is always looking for ideas for gifts to make. Yesterday I came up with an idea for a quick basket that can be used for Easter or really any other gift giving. Also its a great way to show off the other pretty side of your double sided papers.

I love the simple shimmery pattern on the other side of this GCD Studios Margarita paper.

These are super simple to make. Cut a 9x9 piece of double sided patterned paper. Another reason I love the GCD Studios paper is because it is thick and so I know my basket will be able to hold some candy without crumpling. Fold the paper at the 3 inch mark on all sides as seen below. Fold the paper so that the sides come into the inside pattern. You will also need to fold the corner squares diagonally toward the center.

Here's a picture of where to put the adhesive on the outside side of the paper. Push the diagonal edges toward the center and the basket will fold into a cube shape. The basket is further held together by the brads when you attach the handle.

I cut out a flower from the same GCD paper but used the inside for the embellie. I added a prima and a tag from the Margarita collection pack.

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