Monday, January 10, 2011

Jingle Belles 2

First up the card! This is for Jingle Belles second challenge to use inchies or twinchies. I used Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather and surrounded the adorable Santa with 6 inchies. Trying to keep some of my holiday cards super simple and as flat as possible to be better for mailing.

This weekend I was super lucky in terms of getting new scrap goodies. As some of you know I just got a Cricut and Michaels ran an excellent sale this weekend with some carts only $9.99. I knew these would be going fast and that I would be at a conference on Saturday morning so I gave my grams a list and she kindly went to her local Michael's to see what she could get. I wanted just one maybe two, she bought six! My grams is quite young and still works so she has the spending money but this is why we don't like to let her shop alone. She can't pass up a great deal. She has all these plans for what I can make for her with them. Which I will be delighted to do (love to craft for others!). Unfortunately what I didn't know was the Gypsy was $49 as part of the same deal. If you consider the 5 bonus cartridges it comes with right now it is a much better deal than even the $10 carts. Oh well live and learn. Besides now I have a much bigger library of shapes to work with so I really can't complain. My LSS had an anniversary event this weekend as well but I'll save that chatter for another time.