Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Little Word

I heard about Ali Edward's One Little Word project. I thought it was a great idea especially for this year. This year will be when I graduate from grad school and really enter the job market. I know that trying to get a job is tough right now and so I anticipate that this will be a challenging year. Also because I finished my first degree last year the pressure of my school loans has begun to hit so the importance of said job is clear. So these challenges and the everyday challenges of life that lay before me shaped my decision to chose the word PERSIST. I tend to procrastinate and avoid things that are unpleasant, but this year I intend to be tenacious and go after the things that I want. I created this wall hanging with some Sassafras Anthem. When I saw "more to do" on the paper I thought it fit perfect and I added the owl simply because they always make me happy. I encourage you to pick a word if you need something to get you going in this new year. Certainly beats resolutions that are inevitably broken in the first month.

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