Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pink Elephant Easter Challenge and Other Projects

This week at the Pink Elephant they had an Easter challenge. I could use some Easter cards, but I've seen matchbooks before and I thought that since Easter and candy go together I would make some matchbooks instead.

I made a few other projects this week simply because I was feeling creative and not for any particular challenge.

Also this Friday I will be going to a craft show at Rutgers and selling some paper crafts (including the binder clips below). The table fee goes to charity and it will also give me a chance to promote my club so I figure even if no cards sell it will be worth the time. But if I can sell a few extra projects all the better because I can put the money away for a future supply splurge. Right now I'm going to try to stick to a personal stash challenge where I won't buy any new supplies until I've finished at least 25 projects (LO or card). I bought a lot of paper recently and can't use it as fast as I buy it so I figure a buying freeze should help.